Eligibility :  XIIth Studying / XIIth Passed
Course desicription :  
Test Evaluation and Rank projection Preparing well for JEE/Medical Entrance Examination is one thing and transforming the knowledge & skills into success in the exam is another. Many students are not able to adopt the right approach and proper examination temperature as they do not have the right feed back on their preparation. If the student could not succeed in any entrance, it is a permanent loss which is irreparable and mistakes committed are uncorrectable. Test Series will teach how to succeed. It is an opportunity to convert the skills into success on the day of the exams. Strategically designed Test Series consist of two stages.
Stage 1 :- Part test “Topic wise in depth analytical ability is tested.” (Internal, after each 45 Days ).
Stage 2 :- Full test “Whole syllabus” in depth analytical ability is tested”. (External, All India Sit down Test Series).

All India Test Centre
    • PATNA
    • BOKARO
    • NANDED
    • PUNJAB

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